Voluntary groupsinvited to apply for grant funding

Ypres Castle, Rye. ENGSUS00120130114153007Ypres Castle, Rye. ENGSUS00120130114153007
Ypres Castle, Rye. ENGSUS00120130114153007
The Rye Fund is inviting local voluntary organisations in Rye and District to apply now for its next round of grant-funding.

Charles Bronsdon said: “Whether you are setting up for the first time, want to finance a new project, buy equipment or need help to meet running costs, Rye Fund is here to help you.”

Among those to receive grants last year were Northiam Community Friends, Peasmarsh Flying Start Pre-School, Rye and District Community Transport, Rye Community Garden and Rye Museum Association.

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A number of local people came together to establish The Rye Fund in conjunction with Sussex Community Foundation, an independent charity, which manages funds and distributes grants on behalf of donors within Sussex.

The Rye Fund at Sussex Community Foundation was formed in September 2008 and gave its first grants out in November 2009.

The Rye Fund is an endowment fund of which an agreed percentage of the annual interest accrued is used to make grants to charities and community groups that benefit the local community, with an emphasis on improving social, cultural and educational provision.

It promotes the well-being and viability of Rye as a sustainable social and economic hub of the surrounding community, and improving and maintaining the built environment of Rye.

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Since then, the Fund has given grants totalling over £42,000.

For further information, contact Charles Bronsdon 01797 223560 or email [email protected] and request information quoting the Rye Fund.

The closing date for applying is September 14.

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