Volunteers needed to use speed gun in Seaford

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POLICE in Seaford need volunteers for a scheme where they use a speed gun in the town to deter motorists from breaking the limit.

Training will take place at Seaford Police Station and will only last a few minutes.

Volunteers are free to use the gun at designated speed sites with a member of the Neighbourhood Police Team or with another volunteer.

Officers have been targeting the North and East Ward.

Owners of more than 20 vehicles were sent formal referrals or educational letters, with separate fixed penalty notices being issued for seat belt and mobile phone offences.

Sussex Police have recently purchased a further speed indication device or SID.

It is a computerised device which records the speed of the approaching vehicle and will display a smiling face or a sad face depending on the speed of the vehicle.

Sergeant Chris Veale commented: “This is a very effective way of reminding law abiding drivers to think about their speed and increase safety on the roads.

“Our local SID is being deployed this week.”

SID has been utilised in the past week to deter many drivers from speeding.

Sgt Veale added: “Those that have ignored the device or have failed to comply with the speed restriction will soon be receiving a communication from us.”

Police are cracking down on driving offences and anti social driving.

Section 59 warnings and fixed penalty tickets have been issued to several drivers.

Police are also carrying out increased patrols to prevent motcyclists from riding dangerously, in a bid to reduce fatalities and serious injuries.

If anybody is interested in signing up for the speed watch scheme contact PCSO Daniels on 07787685714 or via email address Noel.daniels.01@sussex.pnn.police.uk.