Volunteers wanted for Seaford Beach Garden

Volunteers at Seaford Beach Garden
Volunteers at Seaford Beach Garden

A community group which created the Seaford seafront Beach Garden is appealing for volunteers to help with weeding.

Seaford Community Partnership is urging anyone who could help to get in touch.

The garden, just off the Esplanade, has been populated with hardy plants, capable of withstanding the harsh climate.

Community partnership chair Keith Blackburn said: “We’re at the maintenance stage at the moment.

“It’s a very exposed site and not everything that we plant, even though it’s for a coastal climate, will grow.

“We have experimented and we have a reasonable list of plant species that will grow there.

“There are still some parts of the garden where it is particularly hard to grow things.

“And we are always happy to have further volunteers to help.

“They don’t need any special skills or equipment, just the ability to bend down and pick up weeds.”

The Beach Garden incorporates the Sunken Garden and is maintained by volunteers.

Working parties meet at 9.30am on the last Thursday of each month.

The next working party will take place on June 27.

Keith added: “The beach garden is something we have achieved that was done by volunteers and it’s a wonderful improvement.

“Everybody has been very positive about it.”

If you want to help contact Keith Blackburn at Keithblackburn@live.co.uk