VOTE: Health fears as Worthing Hospital scraps hot suppers

HOT evening meals have become a thing of the past at Worthing Hospital '“ and one nurse fears it could lead to patient malnutrition.

The changes to the menu mean an evening meal now consists of a choice of sandwich and a soup.

The hospital promises patients will still get all the nutrients they need, but the worker described one supper as a cottage cheese or sausage and pickle sandwich served with "mushroom-flavoured wallpaper paste".

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The nurse said: "Unfortunately, the patients most likely to suffer the effects of malnutrition are those who are most vulnerable '“ the sick, the elderly, and the impoverished."

Hot lunch

Pam Lelliott, hospital spokeswoman, said patients will still be served a hot three-course meal in the middle of the day and it was just the evening menu that was affected.

She added the move came as a result of patient feedback suggesting they prefer to eat their main, hot meals at lunchtime.

She said: "The new menu cycle will include a number of fortified items to ensure that calorie intake is maximised for the most vulnerable patients and high-protein patient extras will continue to be available via dietician request."

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Do you think Worthing Hospital scrapping hot suppers for patients is a bad move?

The vote result was: Yes '“ 87 per cent. No '“ 13 per cent

What do you think?

How important is it to have a hot meal in the evening?

If you were in hospital would you prefer a hot lunch or a lighter lunch?

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