CRAFTY PARTY: The Cracking Christmas Craftshop was a huge success last Sunday with our church full of parents and children making and gluing and taking home beautiful Christmas decorations and clay models. Entertainment was laid on too and Father Christmas welcomed children to his grotto. The cooks of the parish had been hard at work, providing sandwiches, cakes and savouries for hungry craftspeople of all ages, so you really could eat while you worked from lunchtime to tea and there was even mulled wine to give us all that first taste of Christmas. A good time was had by all.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:29 am

FAMILY SUPPORT WORK: We’re collecting things for Christmas for struggling families across the county, so that they can enjoy Christmas too. A collection of useful items and presents, especially for children, was made last Sunday and a further collection will be made next Sunday. Presents suitable for teenage boys are particularly welcome, and can be brought along to Parish Eucharist (10am) at St Bartholomew’s in Cross in Hand.

WATERWORKS: Ironically, the team from Southern Water have arrived to replace our water main in Whitehouse Lane in a week when the rain has been almost non-stop. (Eight inches in November, John Chambers tells me). Water has been pouring down the lane and popping the manhole covers. Holes have been dug at strategic places, so for those of us actually living on Whitehouse Lane it’s a challenging slalom to reach our homes. Roll on completion date whenever that will be and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t get a big freeze, or we’ll be digging out our skates from the attic. And what do we do with the contents of our bins, which haven’t been emptied this week? The thought of having rubbish piling up over five weeks isn’t pleasant. Ring Wealden District Council (01323 443322) to put a little pressure for a solution if you are one of the households affected.

SINGING FOR FUN: The last meeting of the Singing for Fun group this year will be on this coming Monday at 2pm at Cross in Hand Methodist Hall at the top of Firgrove Road. It’s the usual format but I’m betting there may be traditional Christmas songs in the mix.

WALDRON COUNTRY MARKET: On Thursday the Waldron Country Market celebrates 30 years of its existence. It’s at Holy Cross Priory and at 11am they’ll be cutting a cake and founder member Dawn Chambers will blow out the candles. There will also be a tribute to Gill Temple who died this year, another stalwart from the first days of the market and long-term Treasurer to the market. It will be officially declared open at 11.10am and cake and soft drinks will be provided to everyone attending.

SERVICES: This Sunday services will be held at St Bartholomew’s, Cross in Hand. Holy Communion will be at 8am with George Pitcher presiding and preaching. Parish Eucharist is at 10am and George will again preside and preach. FSW (Family Support Work) is asking us to bring gifts suitable for children (unwrapped please) for distribution to families in need. Presents for boys are particularly difficult to find, so any ideas are welcome. (See above).