WALK: From Old Heathfield to old mill

Old Heathfield, Twissells Mill and Nettlesworth. Five kilometres.

The walk begins at Old Heathfield church. Parking is possible in School Hill.

Old Heathfield walk

Old Heathfield walk

A) Take the gravel path left through the churchyard, then left down the lane at the side of the Star Inn for 50 metres to a stile on your right with a footpath marker.

Go through a one-time orchard for 50 metres, cross over the drive of Heathfield House and take the kissing gate into a field.

Go downhill diagonally left to a stile (this is rather muddy, so wear wet weather shoes) ; over this keep the hedge on your left to reach the road. Cross over.

B) Take the path ahead which brings you to gates.

Pass these on your right to walk forward to reach an access drive in 50 metres.

Here turn left and walk along the causeway with the lake on your right.

The area has now been comprehensively renovated, but down to you left are some remains of the mill which burnt down at the beginning of the last century.

‘Twissell’ is thought to derive from the twin streams which met here, first being mentioned in documents from the 14th century.

At the signpost, take the path ahead, stay alongside the lake and at the head go over the stile. It’s quite muddy here.

Ignore path on the left.

Progress 25 metres to reach a concrete drive.

Turn left to bridge. Then go uphill past a garage on your left and a house on hour right to a gate and stile.

C) Cross and continue in the direction of travel to cross a ditch and two more stiles, the first of which has a four-way footpath signpost.

Keep ahead on a clear track to reach a junction marked with a five-way footpath signpost. Go left.

D) The path takes you to a stile after 100 metres.

Keep going ahead for 500 metres to reach Nettlesworth Farm.

There are still some bluebells here if you go quickly.

Go on down the drive passing Nettlesworth Place to cross the Vines Cross road into Furnace Lane

E) After 300 metres and after crossing a bridge turn left onto a farm access track.

Over to the right you will see Warbleton Church.

Go on past the farmhouse on the right. Bear slightly left uphill with Furnace Wood on your left to reach a short length of fencing with a gate on your left.

Here go left, keeping Furnace Wood on your left to drop down to a stream crossing.

F) Here a good view of Heathfield Church comes into sight although it appears closer than it really is!

Walk uphill in the direction of the church and take the stile on the right at a field corner keeping to the left side of the field.

At the next stile, keep ahead, then ;left along the top edge to reach a gate.

Here turn right and keep on the right edge to a gate.

Stay along the right side near the fence to reach a kissing gate.

Cross the drive and retrace your steps to the church.