Walk this way to new Chailey pavilion

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A sponsored walk is the first event in a bid to raise around £350,000 for a new pavilion for Chailey Sports Club.

The sports club is already well on the way to achieving its first £100,000, thanks to money set aside by the parish council and other funding.

The fundraising sub-commitee now hopes the walk, on Monday May 6, in conjunction with the Link Walk, will be the first of many similar events to help achieve the target.

There will be refreshments before the walk, starting at 10am at Chailey Sports Ground, and from noon a pig roast, bar and other entertainment.

Volunteers have been working for the past 45 years to bring better sports facilities to North Common, from a time when there was just a football pitch there and a cricket and stoolball field at Row Heath, all of poor quality.

The old pavilion has seen better days and consideration was given to a complete refurbishment.

But with structural problems and insufficient floor space to create the now legally required self-contained changing rooms and showers, it was agreed to undertake a new build, providing modern facilities for all the sports clubs.

It will also be a facility for use by other village organisations and groups and it is hoped to foster closer partnerships to benefit the village, in particular youngsters.

In a letter to residents and supporters, sub-committee member Chris Farrow said: “This is not a new initiative, the plans hae been formulated over a number of years, but we’ve now arrived at a point where it could really happen.”

Although a ‘significant achievement’ had been made in the amount of funds raised so far, he said there was still a long way to go.

“While efforts to secure further grants continues every little helps and to this end we will be arranging local events in the community to increase awareness and generate local input.”

He was ‘very conscious of the mixed views’ on the project but said in an increasingly indoors and electronic world: “Anything that encourages exercise and personal interaction with others will always get my vote.”

He put out a challenge to everyone.

“If you are unsupportive, consider this a waste of time, then do nothing about it but if, like me, you think we should give this a chance in the hope of developing a facility for all and contribute to bring our community closer then come and join us on May 6.”

For a sponsor form or more information, email chaileysportsclub@hotmail.com or got to The Horns Lodge Inn.