Walkers stranded by tide at Beachy Head

LIFEBOATS launched into action when a group of walkers were stranded by the tide at Beachy Head.

The volunteer crew of Eastbourne’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat were on a routine exercise when they saw the four walkes on Sunday morning, January 9.

A dangerous incoming tide trapped the hikers between Beachy Head lighthouse and an area to the east called Falling Sands.

One walker stumbled when the quad tried to climb rocks to escape the rising water.

ALB coxswain at the scene shouted to them to stay where they were and to wait resue. At the same time the inshore lifeboat was called in to assist and the group were ferried to Bilring Gap beach – to the cliff steps.

An RNLI Sea Safety advisor said: “This group were fortunate that the RNLI Lifeboats were in the area. With another two hours of rising tide these individuals plight could have got a lot more serious.

“With no escape from the beach between Birling Gap and Cow Gap, walkers are strongly advised to check tide tables and seek expert local knowledge before setting out.”