Wanted: bloggers and reviewers

THE SUSSEX Express website is on the hunt for bloggers and reviewers to join its online community.

Maybe you are into music, comedy, art exhibitions or theatre? You might like to send us a preview of a show you’re going to or a review of a show you have been to?

Or you might fancy yourself as the next Charlie Brooker, Jeremy Clarkson or Polly Toynbee? You might like to share your views about television, politics or just something that has been grating your cheese.

Perhaps you are already writing a blog which you would like to share with the Sussex Express? It could be about gardening, cycling or cooking, or something else completely!

Whatever you decide to write about, sharing your blog or thoughts with the Sussex Express online will expose you to loads more readers and should help drive more traffic to your blog.

We’re hoping this willl make the website more interactive and give our readers the chance to have their say.

So if you have something you would like to write about, email samantha.clark@sussexnewspapers.co.uk or if you have any questions give reporter Samantha Clark a call on 01273 484737.