Wardens branch out to make town streets a leafy haven

A hawthorn planted in Chyngton Avenue
A hawthorn planted in Chyngton Avenue

To celebrate the Woodland Trust’s ‘We Love Street Trees’ project, Seaford’s residents will be planting more than 30 new street trees over the weekend of March 17 and 18.

This year is also the 10th anniversary of the community tree planting group, Seaford Tree Wardens, planting trees in the town.

During this time the community has planted more than 1,400 trees, including 350 street trees – all by local volunteers!

Seaford Tree Wardens are inviting residents to help dig, plant – or just come and admire the new trees. Everyone is welcome.

In Belgrave Crescent, a mixture of small ornamental trees will help replace some of those lost over the years. These will be upright hawthorns, rowans, chanticleer pears and whitebeams.

Grosvenor Road used to be lined with mature elms, but sadly these have nearly all been lost because of Dutch Elm Disease. Norway maples, small-Leaved limes and disease resistant elms will be planted here.

In choosing the replacement elms, Seaford Tree Wardens have been working with Butteflyconservation.org to help the survival of the endangered White-Letter Hairstreak butterfly, which relies on elms for its survival.

Details for helpers are: Saturday, March 17, at 9.30am in Belgrave Crescent (at the bottom of the road); and on Sunday, March 18, in Grosvenor Road (at the junction with Kedale Road).

Please bring a spade or fork if you have one, and wear gloves and appropriate footwear.

For more information or any questions please contact Seafordtreewardens@outlook.com or visit the website Seafordtreewardens.wordpress.com

Seaford Tree Wardens and tree planting volunteers are supported by Seaford Town Council, East Sussex County Council, Lewes District Council and the Tree Council.