Warning over mobile phone signals

People in Steyning are being warned that they may lose sound and pictures on their TV sets because of new mobile phone signals in the area.


New 4G mobile services have been switched on in Steyning to give people faster internet access on smartphones and tablets.

But experts say some 4G mobile signals transmitted at 800 MHz may cause interference to Freeview TV, which is received via an aerial, because it is transmitted at a similar frequency.

But help is at hand - a company called at800, set up by the Government, offers free support to households that rely on Freeview for their TV. The company can arrange for an engineer to fix the problem for anyone whose television is affected. Cable and satellite TV, like Sky or Virgin, won’t be affected.

Anyone who notices new Freeview interference should contact at800 on: 0808 13 13 800 or visit www.at800.tv/contact-us