Waste and minerals plan update for East Sussex

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PEOPLE WISHING to have their say on a plan for dealing with waste and minerals in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove have been given an extra two weeks to do so before the Plan is considered by the Planning Inspector.

The six week period for local people, representatives of the waste and minerals industry and others to comment on the “soundness” of the document was due to come to an end on Tuesday 10 April.

But this period has been extended by two weeks to allow people to have their say in light of a new National Policy Planning Framework which was published by Government on Tuesday 27 March.

The deadline for people to comment on the plan is now Tuesday 24 April.

After this, the Plan and any comments received will be sent to the Government who will ask a Planning Inspector to consider all the evidence. If the Inspector decides that the Plan is sound it can then be adopted by the authorities.

In order to be sound, the document must be in line with national policy, based on accurate information, the most appropriate solution for the area, practical, flexible, and able to be monitored.

County Cllr Carl Maynard said: “We believe that the plan is still sound and in line with the new National Policy Planning Framework. But as the new framework has just been published, we would like to give people a chance to consider this and I would encourage them to make their views known by visiting the website.”

To view the National Policy Planning Framework go to: http://www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/nppf

For more information on the Waste and Minerals Plan go to: www.eastsussex.gov.uk/planning

To comment on the plan go to: http://consult.eastsussex.gov.uk/portal