Watch the latest film and enjoy a great meal

Luna Restaurant, Uckfield
Luna Restaurant, Uckfield

An evening out in Uckfield has been taken to a new level, thanks to a deal between the cinema and coffee shop opposite.

The Luna Coffee House at the top of Uckfield High Street has been acquired by Kevin Markwick, owner of the Uckfield Picture House.

The popular coffee shop has long been a haunt of cinemagoers, anxious to grab a hot drink or a sandwich before a cinema screening. But until now, there has been no formal relationship between the two.

But from very soon cinemagoers will be able to buy their tickets in Luna, (shortly to be renamed,) maybe enjoy a meal and a drink and cross the High Street to watch a film. Although snacks and drinks will still be available in the cinema foyer, customers in need of something a little more sustaining can combine hunger for a brilliant film with a hearty appetite.

The work to transform Luna into a cinema friendly venue with a new look and a new name will begin after Christmas. Uckfield Picture House press officer Nicolette Howard said: “We want people to enjoy their evening and know in advance that the restaurant and the Picture House are in effect, the same destination.”

Uckfield Picture House has been transformed recently with work completed on phase one; exterior paintwork and new seats, carpets and even drinks holders in refurbished screens one and three. Phase two involving screen two and a revamped foyer area will take place early next year.

Nicolette said: “We are so busy over the Christmas period with some brilliant films that have come out. The scheme involving the coffee house is being worked out at the moment.

“There will be a new name - as yet we don’t know what that will be - and the whole enterprise will be launched in the new year. News travels very fast but we are so pleased to have acquired it and it will be a huge asset to the Picture House.”

The reciprocal deal between restaurant and cinema will benefit both, Nicolette said.

Cinema screening times could be brought forward so would-be picturegoers can even have morning coffees, lunches or teas at the coffee shop and then cross the road to watch a film.