We need to use empty homes

Since moving to Lewes in 2011, I have been shocked and apalled by the number of empty buildings, and have been campaigning to get this criminal waste addressed.

Partly to assist in furthering this cause, I stood as an Independent candidate in Bridge Ward, Lewes, in the town council election.

Though not elected on this occasion, I was priviliged to meet many talented and inspirational people, and gained valuable insights into local issues.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the successful candidates, and thank all who voted for me.

I am also very grateful for the doorstep conversations I had - many of which were refreshingly positive.

Cynicism about politics appears less widespread than I feared.

My determination to help to address the wasted resources caused by empty buildings - and closely related issues such as affodable housing and inappropriate developments - has only been strengthened.

These challenges are intensifying at a worrying speed, and if we do not tackle them, no matter how irresistable their driving forces seem, we will, without any doubt, reap what we sow.

David Evans

Court Road