Wealden stalwarts honoured in Civic Awards

THREE stalwarts of the local community in Wealden were honoured in this year’s Chairman’s Civic Awards presented at a full council meeting last week, (November 30.)

Chairman Cllr Jonica Fox said: “The award winners, either in their working or private lives, have over the years made an outstanding contribution to the lives of the community around them.

“I have no doubt that one of the reasons why they do it is because it makes the world a better place.

“It is great to have the opportunity to thank them for the selfless service they have performed over the years, and I am grateful to my fellow councillors for bringing this to my attention.

“In the more austere circumstances many of us find ourselves in, we really value the contribution made by volunteers.

“I hope more people are encouraged to get involved in their local community.

“It is clear from the three people we honour today, there are many ways to get involved.”

The awards were presented to Dennis Blurton from Mayfield; Sophie Fuscio from Ninfield and Anne Thompson from Maresfield.

For the past 32 years, Dennis Blurton has been an active member of the Mayfield Scout supporters committee, writing hundreds of letters to help raise money for a new scout hut.

He has also helped organise the monthly village newsletter, and has been closely involved with the village school and local church.

Whether it is putting chairs out for village hall functions, transporting senior citizens to their Tuesday Club, carrying out house-to-house collections for the Poppy Appeal or becoming a car park attendant when needed, Dennis is always there.

It is said about him that “Dennis moves about Mayfield in an unassuming way dispensing kindness and helpfulness in so many ways that it is quite humbling to realise how much he fits in.” He was nominated by Cllr Brian Redman.

It is through her green fingers that Mrs Ann Thompson has been able to do good work for her local community in Maresfield.

Not a gardener by trade, she began growing plants for other people shortly after she and husband Dick joined the Maresfield Conservation Group over 20 year ago.

The sale of plants at the village fete has been so successful, it has become a significant source of Group funds and the money she has raised has helped many projects in the village.

Over the years she has raised of over £20,000.

The plants begin cultivation in her cottage at the start of the year. By the time of the sale, there are often three trailer loads ready for buying. Ann Thompson was nominated by Councillor Ken Ogden.