Police warning as Sussex roads remain difficult in freezing conditions

Police across Sussex are warning drivers to make allowances for the wintry weather that is affecting the county and is expected to continue over the next few days.

nter driving advice
nter driving advice

They say that there were around 20 damage-only collisions across the county on Tuesday (February 27) and police are appealing to drivers to consider their driving style in the conditions.

Chief Inspector Warren Franklin said: “There has been a fair amount of snow, more is forecast and the temperature is hovering at or just below freezing, so you should expect the roads to be slippery in places, even where there has been gritting. Please consider if your journey is really necessary and if so, please adapt your driving to the conditions and allow much longer for your trip.

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“In icy conditions it will take a lot longer to bring your vehicle to a stop. Allow greater stopping distances between you and the vehicle in front - at least 10 times the normal distance - and keep your speed appropriate to the conditions.

“Keep your driving smooth, avoid sudden turning, braking or acceleration. Areas under trees, in shadow and on bridges tend to remain colder for longer so beware that there may still be ice patches even if the rest of the road is clear.

“Before setting off, drivers should make sure that mirrors and all windows and lights are clear from ice, frost or condensation. On dark, cold mornings it is all too easy to jump in your car and drive off, but it is important that you have a good view of the road all around you from the start.

“Spring might be just around the corner, but while it may be warm and cosy inside your car, it’s cold, icy and potentially very hazardous outside it. Please think.”

“It is very important that you listen to local radio for updates and take notice of the warnings. If you have no option but to travel, make sure that you’re equipped for extremes - a blanket, a flask of hot drink, water, food, a fully charged mobile phone and a shovel, for example.

“If you’re staying at home, please keep an eye out for elderly and vulnerable - check on your neighbours and make sure they’re warm and safe.”