Sussex weather: your forecast for Wednesday, March 10

Here’s your weather forecast for Sussex on Wednesday, March 10.

Eastbourne and Hastings are in for a day of rain with high winds picking up this afternoon. Temperatures will stay at seven today and rise to 11 tonight, the Met Office says.

Brighton’s chance of rain increases this afternoon with gusty winds after 2pm and temperatures of seven. Tonight will see high winds with temperatures of 11.

Chichester’s in for a wet day too and winds will pick up around 7pm. Temperatures will stay at seven today and then rise to 11 overnight.

Weather news

Horsham won’t be as windy as the rest of the county throughout the day, but this will pick up overnight. Rain is expected all day with temperatures of seven through the day and 11 tonight.

Worthing’s looking like the rain and wind will hold off until this afternoon and temperatures of seven but winds will persist overnight with temperatures of 11.

A yellow weather warning for high winds across the county has been put in place by the Met Office from 9pm tonight until 3pm tomorrow (March 11).