Threat of snow on higher ground for Sussex as cold snap arrives

A cold snap is set to hit Sussex over the next few days bringing the possibility of some snow, according to the Met Office.

This may be confined to the hills but it could extend further.



Tomorrow (Friday December 7) is set to be very wet during the morning, with the sun breaking through later in the day.

The weekend forecast is for more sunshine but strong gusting winds of 30-40mph.

However, next week the Met Office says the wind direction is due to turn round to the north-east, bringing much colder conditions.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday are due to be predominantly settled but cold, with a few showers in Sussex which could be wintry.

Towards the end of next week West and East Sussex should remain mainly dry.

However, rain may spread eastwards at times, bringing with it a risk of hill snow particularly at night while temperatures are generally below normal.