‘It scared me’: Watch storm chaser’s stunning footage of ‘ferocious’ lightning strike in Sussex

A Sussex storm chaser has captured stunning footage of a ‘ferocious’ lightning strike.

Liane Johnstone, 42, was shocked to see the bolt shoot down from the sky while storm chasing on Monday, June 28.

The Storrington mum-of-four said: “We decided to head off out and see if we could pick anything up.

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“[It was] ferocious. It scared me. It’s scary. I’m not going to sit here sugar coating it.”

The lightning strike. Photo: Liane Johnstone

Liane was driving through Fittleworth when she snapped the photo and shot the footage – which shows a lightning bolt moments before heavy rain fell from the sky.

She added: “Five seconds after that lightning struck it absolutely chucked it down. I couldn’t really see.”

Liane captured the footage despite this being her first season of storm chasing.

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The lightning strike. Photo: Liane Johnstone