Weather forecast for the day ahead in Sussex

Here is the weather forecast for Sussex today (Thursday, June 3).

The Met Office said any areas of mist or fog in the region should clear today ahead of a ‘fine and dry day with some cloud at times’.

It is also predicted that it will be ‘very warm’ in the east.

East Sussex is set to see highs of 18 °C between 12pm and 2pm while West Sussex is predicted to peak at 16 °C from 9am to 8pm.

Weather news

The Met Office said they expect ‘a warm and humid night,’ across the region although they do warn that it may be slightly cloudy with ‘heavy, thundery showers’ possibly developing later in the evening.

East Sussex has a less than five per cent chance of rain up until 10pm while West Sussex has a 10 per cent chance of rain in the early morning.

Despite the Met Office predicting both counties will experience a mildly cloudy day, it is expected to be slightly clearer in the east.