Weather: the weekend ahead

Thunderstorms with heavy rain alongside heat and humidity have been the key features of this week’s weather.

There are further downpours to come with the risk of thunderstorms too, says Netweather’s forecaster Jo Farrow.

This weekend, it will be Friday and Saturday evening plans which could be upset whereas by day the weather will be more settled.

Friday’s batch of downpours and possible thunderstorms will clear away northwards during Friday night.

Weather forecast

The evening will feel muggy and close and still has the risk of thundery rain.

With very light winds for Saturday morning, a light breeze from the east will pick up through the day.

There will be a lot of fair weather in the day, dry with bright or sunny spells and feeling warm but not hot at 17C along the coast, 20C inland.

Saturday evening brings the risk of thunderstorms once more from the south.

There is some uncertainty at this point where the pulses will affect as they move up from France across the English Channel but the signal is there.

So it could be another noisy night with heavy downpours and lightning.

Sunday the wind will have veered to the SW as the main area of showers clears away northwards.

This should leave drier weather behind with a fair amount of cloud keeping temperatures in the high teens. But as that begins to break up and if the sunshine appears, temperatures could quickly rise to 23C in the close feeling air.

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