Weekend weather for Sussex: Warm sunny spells

Could this weekend be a good time to get out the barbie or enjoy a picnic?

Jo Farrow from Netweather says: “This coming weekend will bring a lot of fair, dry weather with warm sunny spells but no high heat.

“With a south-westerly breeze, temperatures will peak around 21C for Sussex inland and about 19C along the coast.

“Friday evening should be dry with sunny spells but no sultry heat.

Weather news

“A low pressure heading towards Wales will throw cloud and patchy rain over parts of England this weekend but it all looks to stay further north, away from SE England.

“Saturday should see lengthy sunny spells with a light to moderate south-westerly breeze.

“At times it maybe a bit blustery but sheltered spots in the sunshine will feel warm. The sun is still strong.

“Brighton up to 19C and Rye 21C. Overnight it stays mild but by Sunday morning there will be more cloud about especially along the south coast.

“The breeze continues for Sunday with similar temperatures to Saturday.

“Inland should brighten up and there will be more sunshine into the afternoon.