Wet and cloudy - your Sussex weekend weather

Rain is the main feature of the weekend, although some parts of Sussex may stay dry on Sunday.

Weekend weather
Weekend weather

The Met Office forecast is that this evening and tonight will be largely cloudy and turning misty with some patchy drizzle at times.

Later in the night a band of more persistent rain will move into the south of the region.

The minimum temperature is set to be 5degC so there will be no gritting on the roads.

Tomorrow (Saturday November 24) will remain cloudy with long periods of rain, heavy at times in some parts of Sussex.

It will feel cold in the breeze and rain with a maximum temperature of 10degC.

It will be breezy on Sunday, with plenty of cloud.

The forecast is for East Sussex to be rather wet with drier conditions in West Sussex.

Next week is due to be warmer than in the past few days with periods of rain.