Sussex weather: what you need to know about this weekend's heatwave and soaring pollen count

The weekend is on the way and it looks set to be a scorcher across Sussex.

Paul Michaelwaite from Netweather says: "It's been a long wait, but summer has finally made a return this week, and temperatures will be climbing towards heatwave territory this weekend.

"If you're near the coast over the weekend, cooling sea breezes will keep temperatures a few degrees below those inland. But it'll still be plenty warm enough in long sunny spells, with Brighton, for example, peaking at 25c on Saturday, 23c on Sunday, Eastbourne is likely to be a touch cooler at 22-23c on both days with a bit more of a breeze.

"Head inland and Sunday, in particular, is set to be a scorcher. Horsham and Crawley could be the hotspots, perhaps reaching 30c or so. 28c will be a typical high though. Saturday won't be too far behind, reaching a slightly cooler 25-27c.

A very high pollen count is expected on Saturday

"Overnight, it's likely to be a bit of a struggle to sleep, as minimum temperatures in town are unlikely to drop much below 15-16c, it'll be a bit cooler in rural locations, but still sticky enough.

"If you are heading out to enjoy the sunshine, the pollen count will be very high throughout, with the main grass pollen season really peaking now. The sun is very strong at this time of year as well, with high or even very high UV levels, so keep the sunblock topped up.

"Visit Netweather for the latest forecast for your location over the weekend and into next week - there's more fine weather to come."

Temperatures are set to soar on Sunday