West Sussex fire service offers flood advice as more rainfall is expected

FIREFIGHTERS are reminding people of some things they can do to reduce the risk to themselves and their homes during flooding and adverse weather conditions.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service received almost one thousand 999 calls for flooding incidents after a month worth of rain fell in the 24-hour period from midnight on Sunday (June 10).

With the Met Office forecasting more heavy rainfall tomorrow and Friday, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding residents of some simple measures they can take to prepare and protect themselves and their homes from the risk of flooding.

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Preparing for a flood:

-Do check with floodline on 0845 988 1188 whether there are specific flood warning arrangements in your area.

-Do find out where to turn off your gas and electricity supplies.

-Do make a flood kit. Keep a torch, battery or wind-up radio, and necessary medication, emergency numbers, rubber gloves and your insurance policy in a safe place, upstairs if possible.

-Do NOT wait for a flood. Protect what you can by moving items of personal value and treasured mementos to a safe place.

During a flood:

-Do remember that the emergency services will be very busy. Only call 999 if there is risk to life or risk of serious property or environmental damage.

-Do turn off the electricity supply at the mains, if you can do so safely.

-Do get out of the water - move family and pets upstairs or to higher ground.

-Do keep an eye on weather reports on local television or radio news channels.

-Do look out for vulnerable neighbours. People have been known to suffer from hypothermia after their homes have become flooded with cold rainwater.

Following a flood:

-Do call your insurance company and tell them what’s happened.

-Do contact the gas, electricity and water companies. You’ll need to have your supplies checked before you turn them back on.

-Do keep doors and windows open as much as possible if you are drying your property naturally. If using dehumidifiers, close external doors and windows.

-Do NOT use electrical items until an electrician checks them. Damaged or wet electrical appliances must be isolated or unplugged.