What do you think of the proposals for the North Street Quarter in Lewes?

Aerial visualisaton of North Street Quarter
Aerial visualisaton of North Street Quarter
  • What do you think of the plans for the North Street Quarter?
  • We want to hear your reactions to the proposals
  • The biggest development in Lewes since the Landport Estate in the 1930s

A riverside promenade and footpath, a new bridge across the River Ouse and small units housing coffee shops, cafes or units supporting the businesses set up in employment space will form part of the North Street Quarter in Lewes.

Developer Santon has exclusively revealed its plans to the Sussex Express for the area of land next to the river, currently occupied by the Phoenix Industrial Estate.

The view of the North Street from Malling Recreation Ground in Lewes.

The view of the North Street from Malling Recreation Ground in Lewes.

At the same time a community has sprung up at the estate, where artists rent space at peppercorn rents from Santon.

An art gallery has been set up in the Phoenix Ironworks and brightly coloured campervans are parked around the site.

There is also an indoor skate park and studios.

The tenants have known for some time that their days at the development were numbered.

Santon North Street, which owns the site, plans to build 416 homes and employment space on it.

Residents will be able to log on to the South Downs National Park website to look at documents submitted as part of the planning application. They will also be able to comment on the plans.

The Sussex Express also wants to hear from residents about their views on the development.

Residents will also be able to keep up to date with the scheme by visiting the website http://northstreetqtr.co.uk/

It will create 475 full time equivalent jobs, while the construction of the development will generate another 100 full time jobs.

Residents will be able to view the plans in detail on the South Downs National Park’s website and comment on the scheme.

The national park’s planning committee will have the final say on the proposals.

It is estimated the scheme will go before the planning committee in the summer or autumn.

And construction could start on the site in early 2016.

Phase one would be completed by 2018, phase 2 would finish in summer 2019 and phase three would start in summer 2019.

The project would be complete by 2021.

In the meantime Lewes Phoenix Rising, a community led group, is hoping to apply for planning permission for an alternative development on the site.

Anyone can apply for planning permission but only the owners of the site can construct buildings on it.

Lewes Phoenix Rising has previously voiced its concerns that plans do not include sufficient genuinely affordable housing and will displace most of the 50 businesses, social enterprises and arts venues currently on the site.

In its alternative vision Lewes Phoenix Rising proposes retaining and renovating the Victorian structure of the Phoenix Ironworks to create a large-scale workspace.

Is Santon’s scheme the kind of development Lewes wants?

Do residents like or dislike the architecture?

Is it the right mix of commercial and residential and will there be enough homes for young people struggling to afford to live in the town?

Or would you prefer the Lewes Phoenix Rising scheme?

The Sussex Express wants to hear your views. Email sussex.express@jpress.co.uk