'˜White witch' is seeking ghostbusters

Halloween is fast approaching and a local white witch is appealing for ghostbusters to join him in his quest to search out supernatural activity across Sussex.

Kevin Carlyon, 58, who lives in St Leonards on Sea says he doesn’t see Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, as any different to any other day of the year, except it’s a good excuse for some to dress up and scare people banging on the door for Trick or Treat. “Halloween is a time for fun not fear, he said, adding: “It is said to be a Christian festival originally taken from the Pagan Festival of Samhain.”

As well as being a White Witch Kevin is also a Tarot Reader and Paranormal Investigator. “My black cat Dr Fluff can’t talk like Salam in ‘Sebrina the Teen Age Witch’ and I can’t wriggle my nose like Samantha in ‘Bewitched’ but I do have a track record of spells that really do work,” he said.

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With the spooky side in mind Kevin says Halloween is the perfect time to appeal for people who are interested in visiting supposed haunted sites, inside and out and in all weather conditions.

He said: “Most vigils result in absolutely nothing happening but when something does it is spectacular, particularly when things start flying around the room!”

Kevin recalls one such vigil in former St Leonards pub Mr Cherry’s that was situated under Marine Court on the seafront. “In 1993 a small group of people, including the landlord, were sitting around a table on Halloween when an empty glass slowly lifted into the air, turned on its side and shot across the room.

“After that all members of staff started experiencing odd happenings. The landlord of the pub quit after falling and breaking his leg two weeks later.

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“Now it’s other people’s turn to search for ghosts. Locally all across South and East Sussex and further away.”

Kevin may not have the ghost busting gadgets favoured by the characters played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis who played staring roles in the 1994 film Ghostbusters but does have a range of camera’s and recording equipment and is keen to seek out and investigate as much paranormal activity as possible.

“I would like to hear from people who are themselves experiencing supernatural activity in their homes, where they work, places where they visit that makes them feel spooked, or have an interest in visiting such sites, as part of Kevin’s team.”

If you are interested in joining Kevin’s ghostbusting team email him at: [email protected]

To find out more visit his website at: www.kevthewitch.co.uk

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