Who painted pictures?

One of the pictures on display at the Conquest
One of the pictures on display at the Conquest

Hastings Pier Charity is appealing to the public to help solve a long-standing mystery.

The group is endeavouring to find out who painted three charming and evocative pictures of the pier which are now on display near the main reception of the Conquest Hospital.

Julian Norridge, a member of Hastings Pier Charity’s volunteer archive group, said: “It is believed the oil paintings were originally donated many years ago to the West Hill Boys Club for their recreation room.

“It’s thought they were originally painted in the 1930s or 1940s.

“They are fine examples of the art of the period. But there is no signature and no record of the artist who created them.”

In 1992, the paintings were transferred on loan to the Conquest, shortly before its opening in July of that year.

They were restored and reframed with funds donated by the Conquest League of Friends.

The paintings are looked after by Arts in Healthcare, a charity founded when the Conquest was being built to bring visual arts and live music into the hospital.

There are currently more than 500 artworks on view at the Conquest.

Margaret Richards, who runs the charity, said it made great efforts to find out who the mystery painter of the pier pictures was when they were first passed on to the Conquest, but to no avail.

Now Hastings Pier Charity is taking up the challenge, as it wants to include images of the pictures in the digital archive of the history of the pier that it is creating for the grand reopening next year in the summer.

Mr Norridge said: “We need to do everything we can to find out who owns the copyright to the pictures, almost certainly the artist. Hence this plea for help from

“So hone your detective skills and get you memory juices flowing.”