Why do Maresfield families pay double for Uckfield burials?

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A Wealden District councillor has pointed out what he sees as a fundamental unfairness in the way families are charged for burials in Uckfield.

Cllr Ken Ogden said: “There are many oddities and some unfairnesses in life and in some cases, afterwards. Uckfield has a cemetery in Snatts Road and a contribution was given to allow past Maresfield residents the use of it many years ago. But now they are being charged double the rate than that levied to Ridgewood or Uckfield inhabitants.”

He said Maresfield has provided homes for local people: “But we did not charge them double if they came from Uckfield. Some of us have long memories.”

An Uckfield Town Council spokesman said rules are clear. The rates are doubled if people come from outside Uckfield parish. They range from £579 for a new grave (outside the parish £1,580;) £474 to re-open a grave (£948;) £670 for the exclusive right of burial (£1,340;) £318 for a deed for the exclusive right.

Cllr Ogden plans a Parish Council motion to charge a levy on people from Uckfield who use village facilities like football, cricket and bowls.