Why Lewes doesn’t need a McDonald’s in the town centre

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We wish to object in the strongest possible terms concerning the proposal to open a drive-through McDonald’s restaurant in Lewes.

Our objections are as follows:

a) Lewes has a number of very good places to eat such as The Pelham Arms, The Swan, Cote, to mention just three and is developing a reputation as a gourmet centre. The addition of a McDonald’s would lower this reputation.

b) We already have places where people can eat cheaply such as the pizza place at the bus station, Ask, Pizza Express, numerous sandwich bars and fish and chip shops. McDonald’s could drive some of these out of business.

c) McDonald’s already has a poor reputation for the environment, health and jobs which is well documented.

d) As a further insult it is proposed to be a drive-through, encouraging traffic, cars with idling engines totally at odds with the image of Lewes.

Roger and Liz Fenn

Down Road,