Widower back changes 
for routine smear tests


The family of a woman who died of cervical cancer have called for the age at which women have routine smear tests on the NHS to be lowered.

Dawn Weston was 24 when she visited her doctor with excruciating back pain in December 2012 – but was denied the simple procedure because she was under the minimum age of 25. It took weeks of repeated visits to her GP before she was eventually given the test, which confirmed she did have cancer.

Her devastated widower Dan is now campaigning for the cervical screening limit to be lowered, to help prevent other young women suffering in the same way.

He said, “When Dawn began complaining of crippling back pain in 2013, she went to the doctors, but she was never offered a smear test as at 24 she was too young.

“Before she was diagnosed, she was crying she was in so much pain with her back.

“It took weeks before she had a smear test and by then it was too late.”

Within days of having the test in February 2013, Mrs Weston was contacted after the results came back highlighting abnormalities.

Her 28-year-old husband said, “Her results were abnormal and she had to go for another examination, treatment then biopsy.”