Wildlife photos on display at Hospice

Local artist and photographer Bob Swan will display a selection of wildlife photographs at an exhibition in St Michael’s Hospice reception June 19-29.

Bob has a keen interest in wildlife and particularly enjoys spending time in the beautiful Hospice gardens to capture the wildlife in its natural habitat. “For me, my photography is a celebration of life and what is most important to me,” he said. “Due to the complex nature of everyday living, sometimes people become blind to what is around them. Last year I had a TIA (mini stroke) which caused me to lose 40 per cent of sight in my right eye. So, for me this is not just a celebration of the diversity and richness of our wildlife, but is also therapy for me on various levels.” Photos will be available to buy. A percentage of proceeds will go to the Hospice. Visit: www.stmichaelshospice.org