Wind turbines could be Worthing's new beach view

WILL wind turbines be a future seascape sight for people on Worthing beach?

This prospect could become a reality if the E.ON energy giant follows through on outline plans to develop a wind farm off the Sussex coast between Worthing and Brighton.

The Crown Estates has awarded E.ON Climate and Renewables UK Ltd development rights for an offshore wind farm, some 8 miles from the coastline.

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This distance is equivalent to that between Worthing and Portslade, so the wind farm could potentially be seen easily from Worthng seafront, depending on the height of the towers.

An E.ON spokeswoman said this week: "We are starting preliminary development surveys to determine the environmental impact of such a project."

She said if it went ahead, the wind farm would have the capacity to generate 650mw of electricity, but this power would not be conducted ashore to be used exclusively by Sussex homes and businesses.

"The power would go straight into the national grid, but there would be local benefits in the form of jobs created in connection with the wind farm."


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