Windsurfer is rescued from sea in Pevensey Bay

Eastbourne Lifeboat
Eastbourne Lifeboat

A windsurfer was rescued from Pevensey Bay by lifeboat crews on Tuesday (June 10) after running into difficulty.

Crews from Eastbourne Lifeboat were contacted by the Dover Coastguard after the windsurfer’s family got in touch and said he had been in the water for some time.

The crew launched its onboard Y-boat with crewmen Clive Collict and Alex Emberley on board and took the man to the beach, where he was reunited with his concerned family.

They then returned to the water to retrieve the man’s wind surfboard and reunite it with its owner.

A spokesman for the lifeboat service said: “Electronic engineers from RNLI headquarters had installed upgrades to the computer systems aboard Diamond Jubilee (lifeboat) and were leaving Sovereign Harbour with the volunteer crew to conduct trials.

“As they reached the harbour entrance they were contacted by Dover Coastguard to inform them that the family of a windsurfer had reported that he was in trouble.

“In less than two minutes the ALB was alongside the casualty.”

It has been a busy week for the lifeboat service.

Crews were called to Pevensey Bay on June 4 after a yacht got into difficulty.

Concerned members of the public called the lifeboat crews after spotting a yacht which they believed to be entangled in fishing gear.

The inshore lifeboat was launched to investigate at 5.30pm.

A spokesman for the lifeboat service said: “When on scene the volunteer crew found a single handed yachtsman making extremely slow progress towards Sovereign Harbour.”

Crews said the yachtsman declined assistance.

The spokesman continued: “Three hours later the Sovereign Sailing club rescue boat was returning to harbour and came alongside the yacht to check if all was OK since it was still making little or no progress.

“The yacht’s skipper admitted he was having trouble, his foresail had shredded and he was unable to make headway with his engine.

“The safety boat contacted Sovereign Harbour who in turn informed Dover Coastguard who confirmed it was the same vessel as in the previous incident.

“Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched to escort the yacht into the locks.

“The vessel was met at the marina by a local coastguard officer who offered safety advice to the skipper.”