Wizard casts his spell in Waldron

Waldron panto L1402110
Waldron panto L1402110

Young heroine Dorothy is desperate. Home Farm, where she lives with her Uncle Ebb and Auntie Flo, is sinking into bankruptcy due to demands for ever-cheaper prices for their goods.

Dorothy wants to help by leaving school and earning some cash to pay off the overdraft. She recruits three friends to help her find the Wonderful Wizard of Waldron and ask him for the pot of gold they’ve heard he has.

But her three friends have troubles of their own. Vic is a failing vicar who can’t get a congregation, Winnie is a WI lady who can’t bake and is desperate to enter the Great British Cake Scoff, while the Neighbourhood Watch Lion is terrified of loud noises and wants nothing more than a big sharp stick.

Finding the Wizard and asking his help is a test for they have to trek through the scary forest to Waldron Hall. To make matters worse, they get lost and are trapped by Satnavatrix, the wicked witch of East Sussex, bent on sending them the wrong way.

As is the way with pantomime, there are misunderstandings, terrible jokes, a circuitous plot, cross dressing, a good fairy who spends her time off as a pole-dancer in Uckfield and some fantastical Tinselly Trainers which work their own particular magic.

Waldron Community Players and Friends of Waldron Churches have joined forces to produce this original panto be performed tomorrow (January 18) at 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm and Sunday at 6pm at the Community Centre, Sheepsetting Lane, Heathfield.

Tickets are £9 (adults), £7 (for Friends of Waldron Churches) and £5 for children of 14 and under, on sale at Heathfield Art and Books or at The Stores in Waldron, but ring 01435 812036 to check if they are still available. The cast are Waldronites or from nearby and many have been in the village’s community plays.