Woman thanks workmen for clearing bridlepath in Ripe

Jill Phillips before the footpath was cleared
Jill Phillips before the footpath was cleared

A woman who called on the county council to repair a footpath in Ripe has thanked contractors for carrying out the work.

Last month East Sussex County Council said it would be carrying out repairs to 11 footpaths in the area.

Jill Philips, from Ripe, contacted the Express in August calling on the council to include a bridlepath near Eckington Corner which was overgrown and muddy and had not been included on the list.

Jill had been clearing the area herself to make it accessible for people living in the area for more than 30 years but the wet winter meant it had become to overgrown for her to manage.

Now, contractors have been to the site which runs past Eckington Manor, past Church Farm and on to Dean’s Lane and cleared the bridlepath.

Jill said: “They have come and cleared the path and we are thrilled.

“They have done a really good job, it has been done really well.

“I have been out and riding my horse along it and it is much better.

“I just wanted to thank them really for doing a really good job.”

For more information about the footpaths being cleared in the county, visit East Sussex County Council’s website at www.eastsussex.gov.uk