Woman with epilepsy shares her story to raise awareness

Ayesha Edwards
Ayesha Edwards

A woman recently diagnosed with epilepsy has spoken about her experiences to help raise funds and awareness.

Ayesha Edwards, 24, from Hailsham, says while she has kept her condition secret for a long time she now hopes sharing her story will 
benefit others.

She has also started a campaign to buy equipment to make her life easier.

“The campaign’s main focus is raising awareness of epilepsy, the effects it can have and the support options available,” she said.

“Initially I started a personal crowdfunding page to purchase a smartwatch and android phone which can detect seizures and alert someone of an incident.

“I need my independence back. Already I have raised 72 per cent of my target, but any funds raised in excess of my target will be donated to charity and I’d like this to continue.

Ayesha says most people realise epilepsy causes seizures but adds, “It’s so much more than that.

“It’s medical appointments, fatigue, daily medication and trying to figure out the balance between it all.

“At the end of all of this I was also (wrongly) informed there was no support available to me.

“This campaign is not about whistleblowing; it is about educating and informing others – the general public and medical professionals alike.”

“I have epilepsy, but I also have a voice and it’s time for it to be heard.”

In the past, Ayesha has had up to 12 seizures in a 12-hour period. Her condition has affected her independence because she fears being alone in case she has a seizure.

To read more about her story, or to donate, visit www.gogetfunding.com/time-to-tell-the-world-i-have-epilepsy