Work started to alleviate flooding nightmare at Lewes book shop

Work has begun on Lewes High Street to alleviate flooding at a historic building.

Exactly a year after the 15thcentury Book Shop flooded contractors for East Sussex County Council have begun road works in an attempt to stop water flowing down the road into the shop.



The flood has cost its owner Susan Mirabaud around £1,000 so far.

She has run a business at the historic building for 27 years. Last year was the first time it had flooded, she said.

Mrs Mirabaud believes the problem of water gushing down the High Street to her shop was caused by roads works last year.

She said: “I’m fighting for survival of my business. The shop flooded exactly a year ago and I’ve been fighting to get something sorted out ever since.

“The workmen suddenly turned up this morning and started work to take up the tarmac to make the road lower so the curb is higher. But I don’t think it’s further enough down the road to stop the flooding.

“I just want to get back to normal and not having to rely on it being dry because I’m a nervous wreck when it rains like when it was bad in December when my neighbour had to help guard the door while I moved the flow of water in the street.”