Work to install new water pipeline in Willingdon

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Water workers will be installing a new pipeline in Wannock and Willingdon overnight on Wednesday (September 3).

The existing water main, which runs along Eastbourne Road (A2270), will be switched off by South East Water at 10pm to connect the new pipeline up to the existing water network before residents awake.

Chris Love, Delivery Manager for South East Water, said: “We do not take the turning off of a pipeline which feeds customers lightly.

“This is why our engineers have spent time looking at how we can continue to supply water to our customers while undertaking this major work.

“As well as re-routing the water by changing the way it is pumped into properties using our complex network of underground pipes, our engineering team will be working overnight, reducing the potential disruption to customers.”

A spokesman for South East Water said the work is one of the major milestones of the £900,000 scheme to install 1.3 kilometres of new water main through Wannock and Willingdon. and one which has been meticulously planned.

Chris continued: “Our work force will be working from 10pm on 3 September and have until 4am the following day to complete the work and turn the old water main back on.

“We hope that by undertaking the work in this way our customers in Wannock and Willingdon will be oblivious to the hard work our team have been undertaking overnight.”

Construction will take place in the verge of Eastbourne Road between the junctions of Broad Road and Thurrock Close.

On 24 July the water company began installing a new 1.3 kilometre long pipeline through Wannock and Willingdon which, when complete, will mean the company can pump more water into the Eastbourne area as the population of the town increases.

The Company hope that the full pipeline will be installed by mid-February 2015.

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