Worthing's wealth of Facebook groups

As any avid Facebooker will know, one popular feature of the social networking site is the opportunity to promote causes, find kindred spirits and, more often than not, prolong procrastination by setting up and joining groups.

There's something strangely magical about discovering that even one other person in this universe shares your obscure crush/quirk/hobby, so imagine how the creator of I Flip My Pillow Over To Get To The Cold Side must have felt when he discovered that 796,787 others (and counting) did exactly the same.

Even little old Worthing has built up quite a following on Facebook, with 2,606 people professing their love by joining Proud To Be A Worthing-ite. They share memories of the town, offer advice to new residents and post photos and videos of scenic seafront sunsets.

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Inevitably though, it's not all positive. I Hate West Worthing Train Crossing has attracted 636 members, while its rival group, I Actually Have Some Rather Fond Memories of West Worthing Train Crossing (the mind boggles...) is somewhat lacking in manpower with just 18 advocates.

Hundreds of people tried (and failed) to Get Worthing On The New Monopoly Board, and 203 fast-food fans continue to insist that Worthing Needs A Burger King.

Meanwhile, some sentimental souls are clearly longing for the days of old. The 141 members of the Worthing Roller Disco Appreciation Society enjoy reminiscing about their teenage exploits at the Assembly Hall events of the early 1990s. And 102 people want to Bring Back The Litten Tree, a pub formerly in Marine Parade.

It's perhaps surprising that Evil Worthing Traffic Wardens has only 80 members keen to vent their anger, but it's still doing rather better than the most bizarre group to feature Worthing in its title, namely I Saw Doctor Fox In Worthing. With just six members, it's clearly a feat that few can boast - or at least one that few feel the need to.

To keep up to date with the latest news from the area, join The Worthing Herald Facebook group, which currently boasts about 150 members.


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