Would you be willing to be a foster carer asks a Sussex agency

An independent fostering agency is on the lookout for potential foster parents in Sussex.

Families for Children LLP is one of the longest established fostering agencies in the country and has been operating successfully for over twenty years.

As one of the very first independent agencies in the UK, they understand how crucial it is to provide first class support to carers if they are to offer safe, caring and successful placements for children and young people, and have their own lives enriched through a fostering career with the firm.

Families for Children LLP is always on the lookout for carers in Sussex in order to continue its top quality service and careful matching remains the priority for the organisation.

The original founders still play key roles in the organisation, ensuring the highest standards of support, care and opportunity for children, young people, foster carers and staff.

Cherry Cannon, Director of Fostering Services said, ”This is a great opportunity for the right families and any new carers will be working with the original founders who are crucial to the success of Families for Children.”

In Sussex, the organisation is keen to hear from people interested in joining the team of foster carers. They point out that good foster caring is invaluable to give children the very best start in life.

There are many events throughout the year to help you find out more about the work of Families for Children, their careful matching priorities and how to get involved.

Families provide tailored family support, help prepare children for adult life, give education support and provide also an outstanding service.

To find out more, please check out www.families-for-children.co.uk or call 0800 019 7087.