Would you eat a 24-carat gold doughnut?

Would you tuck in or gold leaf it alone?Would you tuck in or gold leaf it alone?
Would you tuck in or gold leaf it alone?
It's a favourite of Homer Simpson and pop star Ariana Grande caused a social media storm last year when she was filmed licking one, but if the humble doughnut isn't posh enough for you how about this 24-carat gold version which went viral this week?

Brooklyn restaurant Manila Social Club, has created a version of the fried dough favourite garnished with 24-karat gold leaf – costing $100.

It’s the creation of head chef and founder Björn DelaCruz, who posted an image of the expensive creation on Instagram, which has since become an internet phenomenon.

Still not convinced to part with your cash and book the next flight to New York? If the gold flakes weren’t enough to tempt you, it’s filled with ube mousse and decorated with champagne frosting.