Would you like to be a human paintball target?

Stag party experts StagWeb.co.uk is looking for someone to '˜volunteer' to be a '˜human paintball target' to test the accuracy and effect of its paintballs at sites across the South East.

Would you volunteer to be a human paintball target?
Would you volunteer to be a human paintball target?

However, the company is not only looking for direct applicants for the role, but is also asking people to nominate someone else for the position.

Nominees could be friends, siblings, parents, colleagues, or even bosses.

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The ‘lucky’ applicant will need a number of key skills, including the ability to run at speed, and have a high pain tolerance as the paintballs travel at roughly 280 feet per second (190mph) and can travel 100 feet.

The average paintball gun shoots eight pellets per second, although the ‘volunteer’ will be subjected to no more than 20 shots per day.

StagWeb’s director of operations Steve Roddy said: “We’re looking for an outdoorsy type who wants a new challenge. Body armour can be supplied but we’re not going to. We need someone who can tell us how the impacts feel and are happy for people to nominate someone they think truly deserves the job.”

You can see the full human paintball target job specification on StagWeb’s career page.

Paintball sites are in West and East Sussex as well as Surrey, London, and Essex.

StagWeb is looking to have someone in place by December so applications should arrive before the end of November.