Would you want this view from your home? Mobile classroom springs up behind Newhaven home

Mobile classoom behind home in Rose Walk, Newhaven
Mobile classoom behind home in Rose Walk, Newhaven

A homeowner is considering selling his house after a mobile classroom was built just metres away from his back garden.

Chris Baker was shocked when he saw the building spring up behind his property in Rose Walk, Newhaven, during the summer.

He said when East Sussex County Council considered a report about the scheme at its planning meeting the distance from his home was described as 27 metres, but he believes it is closer to 16 metres and only about three metres away from the garden.

While the windows have obscured glazing, the family previously had views of the school playing field.

He is considering making a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Mr Baker, 31, who lives in the home with his wife Caroline and three children, said: “It towers over the back garden. I have been stressed and quite angry about it. I have calmed down a bit now. It’s going to take a long time to sort out.

“I was absolutely fuming when it went up. The kids can look straight into our bedroom from the walkway.”

He said during the winter the building would overshadow half the garden, but added screening was due to be put up on the walkway to give them more privacy.

A county council spokesman said: “Due to a clerical error, the distance from the temporary classrooms to Mr Baker’s house was given incorrectly on one of the documents presented to planning committee, although not in the consultation documents that were available to residents.

“While this error is regrettable, members of the planning committee were provided with site photographs and copies of the plans showing the precise location and elevations of the mobile classroom, so they were aware of the proximity of properties in Rose Walk when considering the matter.

“This was recognised in some of the conditions attached to the planning permission aimed at minimising the impact on neighbouring properties, including the use of obscured glass on windows overlooking properties in Rose Walk and a canopy covering the entrance to the classrooms.”

The spokesperson added: “This application was subject to consultation with all neighbouring properties and we only received one objection to the scheme from a resident – a near but not immediate neighbour of Mr Baker. While we do sympathise with him, we do believe this option was the best solution to accommodate an increased demand for school places in Newhaven in the short to medium term.”