Wrong signs lead to car park rage at Tesco in Lewes

CUSTOMERS parking at Tesco at Lewes have been angry to find three hour parking signs replaced with just two hours.

But the supermarket confirmed there was no change to its three-hour limit.

A spokeswoman said the wrong signs had been put up by a contractor during the Brooks Road car park revamp and they were due to be changed to ones with the original wording.

Complaints were made to the Sussex Express on Tuesday that not only were the signs the same as the old ones so customers would only notice the change of hours on close inspection but two hours was against the store’s pledge to provide parking for town as well as Tesco shoppers.

Mr John Kay, of Rushy Green, Ringmer, spotted the change on Tuesday.

“There was a planning condition when Tesco was allowed the site to provide parking for people shopping in Lewes as well as in their store,” he said.

Lewes District and Town Bridge ward Cllr John Stockdale knew nothing of the change and spoke to the store manager.

“They put up new signs in the car park to replace all the £70 fine ones and their standard signs for other stores are two hours,” he said.

“I was assured the signs will be changed to three hours rather than two.

“I’m relieved to know it is just an admin slip but customers need to know it is still three hours.”

On hearing the good news, Mr Kay said: “This has definitely caused a lot of alarm. A lot of people have talked to me about it.

“But that is great news. A few years ago they put up signs saying Tesco customers only but were forced to take them down.

“I was worried they were doing the same again in a slightly different way.

“People need a bit longer than two hours and it would be town facilities that stood to lose.”

* Lewes District Council has ‘strongly objected’ to Tesco’s plans to change the use of nine parking spaces to a hand car wash valeting operation.

The plan would include a canopy and installation of a cabin office.

At a meeting on July 24 councillors expressed concern about deviation from policy when permission was granted for an extension which proposed extra parking spaces.

They asked about the effect on parking capacity and if the fuel station could be used for this facility.