Xmas gifts for sick children

Members of the Rotary Club of Hastings will be providing Christmas cheer for children at the Conquest Hospital.

The club is donating Christmas gifts to youngsters spending the festive season in hospital.

Rotarian Ray Dixon said: “Conquest nurse Jill Swinburne asked her neighbour, Rotarian Sue Day if she knew how she could contact Santa to ensure that he would call this year. Sue was delighted to be able to tell her that the Hastings Rotarians were in direct contact with the elves and husband Geoff knew Santa and could guarantee he would be there Christmas morning.

“The Rotary Elves have provided a small bag of ‘gold’ and toy manufacturing has been increased to match this additional demand and through the generosity of online Fun Toys and Games and Kids Stuff Toys in Priory Meadow, all children in Kipling Ward will receive a Christmas gift.”

For further information visit www.hastings.rotaryweb.org where people can also leave a small bag of ‘gold’ to ensure that the Kipling Ward Toy Box is always full for children who are in hospital at Christmas.