Yes to fines for failing to clear up dog mess in Wealden

Wealden District Counci
Wealden District Counci
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Plans to introduce a Dog Control Order across the Wealden District will be decided by councillors at a full council meeting on November 27.

Wealden District Council said nearly 1,200 residents took part in a consultation asking for their views on whether the order should be enforced.

It said the vast majority responded to the consultation online.

The council said an overwhelming 94 per cent were in favour of Council Officials and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) being able to issue £75 spot fines when they see a dog owner failing to clear up after their pet in public places.

Councillor Rowena Moore, Cabinet member for Customer Services, said the response showed how important the issue was to people in the Wealden area.

She said: “This is clearly a very important issue for local people, and I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation.

“It is only a small proportion of dog owners who are being rather irresponsible.

“We need to change this culture.

“The vast majority of dog owners do clear up after their pets.

“As well as the Council’s Street Scene Officers and PCSOs, we hope town and parish councils will be interested in providing trained officers who can help with enforcement.”

Respondents to the survey thought ‘laziness / can’t be bothered’ were theprincipal reasons why dog owners did not clear up after their pets.

Some 60 per cent also felt there was little chance of being caught and 46 per cent said there was a lackof a sufficient deterrent.

The draft Dog Control order is planned to go before Wealden District Councillors on November 27.

It will apply to all highways, footpaths, verges and twittens within Wealden District, as well as pedestrian areas, public parks and sports grounds, cemeteries, beaches and car parks.

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