You may kiss the bride ... sisters organise ‘pony wedding’

The happy couple
The happy couple

Sisters Lucy and Daisy Wells, aged six and 10, organised a ‘wedding’ for two of their ponies with the help of their friends.

The ceremony took place at their home, South Brockwells Farm, Little Horsted, and proved a magical occasions with no detail left out.

They wrote the vows, made wedding bouquets, bridesmaids and pageboy outfits for the ponies, cakes (human and equine), his and hers rings, and choreographed a musical ride to celebrate the nuptials.

The pony bride wore the 54-year-old wedding veil of Lucy and Daisy’s late grandmother Sherry, who sadly died nine years ago but would have been delighted to see it used at such an auspicious occasion.

Photograph by Phil Winter, of Sussex Rural Images (