Young and old to face brunt of cuts

A swathe of cuts will be introduced in Polegate as the town and district council fight to balance the budget.

The young and elderly will bare the brunt of cuts as major changes in the way housing benefit is calculated and the subsequent changes in tax base take hold.

The future of the town’s youth club hangs in the balance and school crossing patrols will be restricted.

But the town’s tea party will continue to be held once a year as it is considered a desirable but luxury event.

Polegate Town Council’s portion of the council tax bill will go down but it is set to receive a grant to offset the £30,286 projected loss.

A town council spokesman said: “Although the Town Council has to pay for services which have been increased by inflation and above, inevitably some services will have to be cut.

“This year the expenditure reduction will affect the youth and elderly sectors of our budget, with further cutbacks expected next year.

“In the future, as the grants are reduced in order to keep the council tax the same, the town council will need to look more closely at all the services it offers, finding alternative ways to generate income and save within the budgets allocated.

“Polegate Town Council always endeavours to provide you with a cost effective good service and will keep you informed about the changes that are likely to take place as often as possible.”

Within this year’s budget the town council has made a provision to do two extra weed sprayings per year within the zero per cent increase by making cuts elsewhere.