Young ME sufferer Anna thanks her 'cool' headteacher'

A LEWES pupil who suffers from ME has thanked her headteacher for being 'cool' and helping to make her life easier.

Anna Hill, 11, from Hamsey Crescent, is a student at Wallands School who has been forced to study part-time over the past two years because of her condition.

She has now returned to full-time education following successful treatment and she and her family are full of praise for the way the school has supported her.

She said the teachers at the school have been 'great' and her mum said staff were very supportive and did all they could to ease the disruption to her education.

Anna said: 'The teachers have been great and the headteacher has been cool with it all.

'It would have been really difficult if they hadn't understood.

'It's great to be back at school because I've really missed my friends.'

Anna was diagnosed with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Her mum Heather explained: 'If she did too much it felt like she had flu every day.

'We had to reduce her schooling to part-time so the symptoms were controllable.

'Every day we didn't know what we were going to be dealing with but the school were fantastic and were happy for her to do what she could.

'I talked to the teachers on a daily basis and they made sure she didn't miss the most important things and they were very helpful.'

Last month Anna took part in a new treatment called the Lightning Process for ME.

Her mum said the results have been 'phenomenal' and in the week before the Easter holiday Anna returned to full-time education.

Anna presented Wallands headteacher Brian Davis with a certificate.

The certificate, which was drawn up personally by Anna, said: 'Thank you for making my life with MS/CFS easier by being helpful, easy to talk to and very encouraging.'

* ANNA was also given a huge amount of help and support from the Association of Young People with ME (AYME).

To find out more about the condition and the charity, visit